Split EP w/ Joey Cobra

by Joel Murray & Joey Cobra

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Songs we wrote about youth.


released May 26, 2011

strings on tracks 5 and 7 by Christopher Bell
mastered by Christopher Bell



all rights reserved


Joel Murray Los Angeles, California

Husband and wife bedroom pop musician people.

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Track Name: Joel Murray - Only Child
Fighting ghosts in empty houses
Put your money where my mouth is
Movies that once scared me now are jokes

Bicycles I rode but now its
Winding roads and groans and brow sweat
Mingled with the hum of spinning spokes

I miss that
Feeling all alone but not sad
When I was five years old
I never felt alone
My mishaps
Tires that were blown and went flat
Never took a toll
They never stopped me rolling

Swinging feet beneath the mountain
Summer heat and water fountains
Riding dinosaurs in rodeos

But now it seems my worry's mounting
Birthday's come but shit who's counting
These days don't seem very much like those

Dreams unkillable
Unwilling to wake up from my daydream reverie
Track Name: Joel Murray - Swimsuit Dreams
She's so fine
I'm staring at her
For most of my lunch time
While I am inclined to toe every line
I can't seem to get her off my mind

Sarah, oh Sarah
Won't you be mine?

Stupid kid
Can't you see?
She is so obviously out of your league
And it's ridiculous to believe
She could ever be the queen of your swimsuit dreams

Seventh grade and I'm afraid of my own shadow
What I would do if I acquired you?
I don't even how
Plus I'm maybe a three and she's at least a nine
She's on my mind all of the time

I should study for tomorrow's test
But all that I can study is her chest
Oh no
She's on the ceiling right above my bed
I'm shaking hands, making new friends
Track Name: Joel Murray - The Cycle (Joey Cobra Cover)
The cycle begins again
And I'm getting so frustrated that I can either lend a hand
Or run away/excommunicate this slowly sinking land

And I'd bet it all just to watch it fall
But I'd have to build it up again
But I'd give it all just to watch it fall but I couldn't help

Watch the shit hit the fan
We've lost our way, fallen astray
Is this the fall of man?
I can either stay or leave this place
We have to make a stand
Track Name: Joey Cobra - Fruitless Endeavor (The Story of Some Cobras)
Now we’re all cold and uncomfortable, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Can’t afford this building, let alone the heat, yeah we're struggling just to make ends meet. Our cars will get stuck and our hearts will get fucked, it hardens us to say the least. Practicing in sweatshirts cause it’s 48 degrees. Dreams ever present of getting out of the northeast. Our little project ends up getting nowhere, nowhere is where we're still at today. And our town that we've hated all throughout the years is the thing that makes us special today. And those kids who have it all, and those kids who have a scene, they don’t know the desperation we've seen. We're fucking hot and uncomfortable, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Borrowed our equipment, can’t afford A/C. No we cannot say our lives are complete. No one has a car and our dreams won’t go far; it teaches us to say the least. Practicing with swampass cause its 93 degrees, futures look hazy, I doubt we can leave the northeast. Our little project ends up getting nowhere, but look at all these kids we got to meet. And our town that we've aptly dubbed a “deathtrap” is the thing that makes our veins warm today. And we can’t blame ourselves and we can’t blame the scene, so we take it out on sobriety.
Track Name: Joey Cobra - The Crew
When we were growing up somehow I knew those were the days we wouldn’t forget, those days we can’t forget, we live up to. We counted on each other when needed most, and although we've grown we know that part will never change. If I could go back then, I know I would. I wouldn’t change a thing. I'd re-learn how to live my life or die knowing I tried. I can’t think of a tighter bond than ours, when we were young and dumb and numb to the problems that would plague us through the years. Ninety-nine through zero four, we wore our hearts on our skateboards. We'd give up everything for one another. Although we've grown apart we know we wouldn’t ever hesitate, cause we would take a bullet for each other. They say that growing old can have its perks, but I can’t lie, the days behind have got me living in the past. But I don’t want to dwell on sadness now, so I’ll make a toast: Here’s to you motherfuckers, for giving me the best years anyone could ever ask for!
Track Name: Joey Cobra - Dinos for Sparker (Joel Murray Cover)
I woke up with dinosaurs drawn upon my palm
Laying on your bedroom floor
But you were already gone

And I wish I knew the score
To the battle that's been warring
Between your head and heart
The one you've been ignoring

Hours later I feel bored
Shuffling class to class
Prehistoric carnivores lounge handbound
And I laugh

The fragile heart drawn between their ancient snouts
Finally give me aught to smile about
Hovering inches from their toothed mouths
Will they bite or be inclined to do without?

Let tyrannosaurus roar and the raptors chomp
Let the pterodactyls soar o'er my Cretaceous swamp
Track Name: Joey Cobra & Joel Murray - Resilience
This kid is ready, the emotions are strong, I’ve got the world in front of me. I know who I want to be. It’s been holding me down, but I’m now strong enough to break free. I’m through recovering, I’m behind the wheel; no more living underneath, not ashamed to show my teeth. But when I think of my past it gets harder and harder to breath: to breath in the sea, to breath in the ocean, to try and fight these tidal waves when I had never learned to swim. Try to remain calm knowing that I can still overcome this fucking mess, although I still can’t see the land. Determination is a commodity, I’m not falling back this time, cause I know this life is mine. I’ve gained this confidence since I’ve finally grown my own spine. Not giving up, not giving in remaining sane enough to win. Just come and see the life we're going to live. We're crossing the sea, we're crossing the ocean. We'll fucking fight the title waves; It’s not too late to learn to swim. Not breaking a sweat knowing that we can still overcome this fucking mess, and we don’t need to see the land. Suddenly the sea just seems to be a boring puddle. From outer space the greens they make the blues no trouble. (...and we've got no fear)