Songs of Ice and Fire

by Joel Murray

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Wren Fun album if your a fan of the show or books, easy listening and a sweet voice. Favorite track: Jon Snow.
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These are rough demos I recorded in the summer of 2010 in the upstairs bedroom of 21 Fillier Street. I'd just finished reading A Storm of Swords and planned to write an entire album of character studies. (It never happened.) Since all the plot spoilers in these lyrics have happened on the HBO series, I figured I'd give these demos away now. Four years later. Weird. I actually kinda think the sparse unfinishedness lends itself to the songs. In case the demos bum you out, I also threw in a Katy Perry cover that I recorded circa 2008. Hope you enjoy.


released June 15, 2014

tracks 1 thru 4 written by Joel Murray
track 5 written by Katy Perry, Lukasz Gottwald, & Max Martin



all rights reserved


Joel Murray Los Angeles, California

Husband and wife bedroom pop musician people.

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Track Name: Dany
she breathes fire to life again
a song of fire and ice
you know she's right
open your eyes
a fire burns in the eastern sky
Track Name: Jon Snow
you know nothing jon snow
melt the wall of ice between us
when will my arrow find your heart?
you'll die in my arms tonight
you know nothing jon snow
we should stay in these caves
wild together
we should stay in these caves
wild forever
let's get wild
Track Name: Tyrion Lannister
in the eyes of a girl i am a giant
in the eyes of a man i am a dwarf
i'm left staring in the mirror
instead of into the mouth of this gift (w)horse

i will walk you home in the dark

she is a lamb and i'm a lion
why then do i feel more like a cub?
when it's the same bed we lay in
why do i feel not quite good enough?

i will walk you home in the dark
Track Name: Robb Stark
i feel like a king until you make a boy of me
back bending beneath the weight of my crown
take a long sword to my neck
sew a wolf's head on instead
i don't wanna see your body in the river please
god just let me be a king
take a long sword to my neck
sew a wolf's head on instead
i just wanna be yours
Track Name: Hot N Cold (Katy Perry Cover)
u change yr mind
like a girl changes clothes
u pms like a bitch
i would know
u overthink
always speak cryptically
i should know
yr no good 4 me

hot then yr cold
yr yes then yr no
in then yr out
up then yr down
wrong when it's right
black when it's white
fight we break up
kiss we make up

u don't really wanna stay no
but u don't wanna go

we used to be just like twins
so nsync (bye bye bye)
that same energy's now a dead battery
used to laugh bout nothing
now yr plain boring
i should know
yr not gonna change

someone call the doctor
got a case of love bipolar
stuck on this rollercoaster
can't get off this ride