Rest in Peanut Butter

by The Murrays

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Recorded in the spare bedroom of our apartment in Palms.

Thanks to Sean Hutton for playing guitar on "My Dog" and "Tattoo Your Dog" in exchange for being chauffeured to cheeseburgers and donuts. Check out his music here:

Thanks to Christopher Bell for playing cello on "Tatonka" and "Fall" and trumpet on "Virgin Werewolf." Check out his music here:


released July 26, 2015

Mixed and mastered by Christopher Bell -



all rights reserved


Joel Murray Los Angeles, California

Husband and wife bedroom pop musician people.

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Track Name: Tatonka
Somewhere between drowning in the sweet honey
And the shaking arm
I float on a herd of buffalo running
Down the boulevard

I’m dead
I’m gone again

Buffalo, I’ll follow you back home
Through the snowy wilderness we’ll roam
And I’ll fall asleep
With you next to me

No bad news or upsets
Just tattoos and drum sets

I’m dead
I’m gone again
(I'm dead and gone but I live on)

You don’t know
I’m back in the saddle again
Track Name: Jacques Ghosteau
It’s 1997
I’m dead
I’m dead
My ghost floats over my bed
My head is empty
To the sea, to the sea, to the sea
I’m floating

My ghost cannonballs into the foam
And I’m sinking
Eyes unblinking
As I descend

Liberated from requiring air to breathe
Suddenly I’m free
This is heaven

(Loose from my mooring)
(I’m soaked and soaring)
My soul spurns the grave

(Forever touring)
(Death isn’t boring)
I think here I’ll stay

The ocean floor I’ll haunt
Forever if I want
Track Name: Cool Twins
I still follow the popular girls on Instagram
Although they probably still don’t know who I am

I never felt as low as I did in high school, baby

Let’s have a smoke in the cemetery
Let’s take it slow

I never felt as low as I did in high school, baby

I’m floating in the stream
Why won’t you lay with me

I’m suffering so
I’m throwing rocks at your window
I’m suffering so
Track Name: My Dog
my dog, my dog
he opened his mouth and he spoke to me
his tongue rolled long
it tickled my face and i could see his teeth
he said to me

you stupid son of a bitch
you're worth nothing

bring me skeletons to chew
feed me flesh and i'll free you
deep inside we’ll burn anew
you're such a stupid man

lick your paws til blood is drawn
feed the beast and feast til dawn
Track Name: Old Magazines
Baby please
Won’t you come back to me
Love ain’t free but it’s cheap
When you’re with me

We could live in a tree
Reading old magazines
Running wild and free

Baby please
Won’t you come back to me
I don’t need anything else
Track Name: More Tattoos
I found some pictures of you
From back when we were in school
Goddammit things sure have changed
I've got way more tattoos
But I feel way less cool
What's happening to my brain now?

I get panic attacks
I feel like I can't breathe
That never happened before
This disease makes me feel trapped
In a body I can't leave
It's happening more and more now

I've gotta get out of this skin
The corner I've painted me in
I'll shed it and be born again

I found some pictures of you
From back when we were in school
And I didn't feel so deranged
"A nine to five I won't do"
I was such a damn fool
To my desk I feel chained now

I can't fight it
This urge to get up and run or hide or flee
'Cause I can't justify fight or flight
When the threat is inside me
Track Name: Run Forever
Somewhere some bells are ringing
Downstairs the siren’s singing
I brush sleep from my eyes and
Set sights on the horizon

I made fire where there was none
I made feet that jump and run
I’m alive and young and I’ll die by my gun
God I’ll run forever

There’s pits of snakes to fall in
There's hungry wolves calling
But I’ve spent too long waiting
My warrior face is painted
Track Name: Fall
The trees change clothes
Autumn ghosts haunt the streets
And wild blows the wind through the pines

Summer grew cold
Autumn leaves crunch beneath feet
And I see monsters all the time

Winter will claim us
So now who could blame us for falling
Like the leaves from the trees

Zip-ups and jeans
Store debris from piles of leaves
We’re jumping in
Giddy with delight

Vacant of seeds
A grinning host lines the streets
Their smiles glow in the city night

Winter will claim us
So now who could blame us for falling
Like the leaves from the trees

On every block
Houses get rolled
On this sidewalk
We’re at home
Track Name: Virgin Werewolf
Black dog in the sunlight gleaming
The rays beat down
Looks back through the curtains at me
Where I lay on the couch

I feel strange and I wanna go exploring
I feel lame that I stay right here
The day fades and I can’t seem to ignore it
I’m in space, yeah, I’m not quite here
(Take me out tonight)

I died a thousand time for this, my great escape
(Do you even want it? Do you even care?)

I met a sweet virgin werewolf
Her face all hair
Caved in in a blanket tunnel
She’s stuck down there
Track Name: 11 Years
Eleven trips around the sun
I won’t come back
Eleven years before I’m done
I won’t come back

When I die I wish you would
Spread my ashes in the woods
Back behind my parents’ house
Where I used to play for hours
In my boyhood

Eleven trips around the sun
I won’t come back
Eleven less than everyone
I won’t come back

(my ghost plays pretend)
(my ghost is its own best friend)
Track Name: Tattoo Your Dog
If you tattoo your dog
with your telephone number and family name
It might seem like a prudent choice
but your dog will never be the same

You might get him back alive
If he runs away too far
But when he’s back at home
he’ll sure resent the scar

The tattoo gun sounds just like a
miniature vacuum cleaner does
It sucks right up his spirit of
adventure and erodes his trust

How much quality of life
Should we sacrifice
So we might not die early

Sometimes I’m tempted
to let him off the leash
let the dog do what he please
set him free to stay or leave
But i’m too scared
the first step that he’ll take
Will be to the street
where the cars won’t hit their brakes

submit to the needle!
(can you really control me?)

So go on tattoo up your pup
You’ll do it out of love
Just remember if he holds a grudge
He might mistake the hand that feeds for food
and you’ll draw back a bloody stump